The different options available in the market which can be used to change the look and feel of your house

Earlier most of the houses had big lawns. But with the expansion of the city, the open spaces have gone down drastically. It is becoming rarer and rarer to find big lawns overlooking the house. Another reason contributing to the reduction in lawns is the time and effort required to maintain them. A lot of water had to be used to maintain them. Water has been identified as a scarce resource and should be used scarcely and effectively. If there are lawns and one wants to save on maintenance costs, they can get it replaced with landscaping pebbles. These are small rocks which have been extracted from dry river beds and quarried. A wide range of color options are available. They prevent the growth of weed, retain soil moisture and present a very different look for the house. A killer deal if you click Memorial Plaques Melbourne. 
Sandstone pavers are a very popular option for use in pool surroundings, walkways, courtyards and balconies. They have a very natural and earthy appeal. A reason which contributes to their popularity is the ease with which they can be cut into different shapes and sizes. Different patterns can be created very easily using them. They come in various colors and designs and a suitable option can be chosen to match the look and color of the house. Glass tiles come in different patterns and colors. Ezarri glass tiles are very popular. They make tiles which can adapt to even curved surfaces. The tiles do not absorb water and hence are ideal for wet environments like swimming pools, in the shower etc. Published here are the most used sandstone pavers and marble tiles.   People are used to using marble tiles for decorating the floors. These are polished marbles and make the house look majestic. Another variety of marbles are available in the market. These are known as tumbled marble tiles. These marbles are placed in a drum which contains abrasive materials like sand, pebbles and rocks. The drum is then tumbled to give a rustic looking finish to these tiles. They look like naturally aged stone and give the room a very antique look. They can be used for indoor flooring in showers, bathrooms, fireplaces and even outdoors in the garden or patio. Dry stone walling is very popular in the British countryside. Rocks and stones of specific shape are placed in such a way that they interlock without the need for any kind of mortar. These are used in making boundaries for gardens and fields and are very popular because of their natural beauty. These are very sturdy and cost quite less. Flora and fauna can grow on these walls easily since they offer different climates to these plants. One side may be exposed to the rain while the other side is dry. Moss and algae thrive in damp, shaded areas. The wall of the house is exposed to the elements of weather all throughout the year. If proper protective material is not put on the wall, there could be accumulation of water inside cavities formed in the wall which affects the structural stability. Outdoor wall cladding is made of materials like wood, stone, vinyl, concrete panels and even metal products. These are water resistant and come in different designs, thereby improving the beauty of the house and also protecting it.