Finding Out Who You Really Are

It’s not an easy thing to find out who you truly are. Ittakes years and years and still some of your identity may remain vague and undefined. Finding your inner self may sound easy but I do warn you that it is not as easy as it sounds.

It may take months for a stonemasons Sunshine Coast to get the rock to blend into the shape in his imagination. A painter will stare hours at a stretch at a blank canvas until he feels that he can take the first brush strokes that lead to a master piece. A musician will sit with his manuscript in hand trying to get the right note in the right place. A writer will toss and turn in bed sleepless until the right word that communicates the exact thought of a character in his/her story that will bring the character alive. Just like that it may take you years to find out the real you behind that name tag you carry.

When someone asks us this simple question ‘Who are you?’ wedo not hesitate to answer in a heartbeat my name is so and so. We identify ourselves with our names and as far as others are concerned that’s more than enough.

But is it really true? Is your name reflecting your true identity? Youdid not select it then how does it define you? No, your identity is more than just your name. It is a minute part in this wide canvas and it is you who will be painting it. Visit this page if you are looking for marble gravestones.

If you are going through your adolescence then this might actually be the time you explore this concept of who you are. As we age our behavioral patterns, habits and traits settle down and we come to terms with those fixed qualities we think we possess. During teenage-hood everything can be one whole continuous mess where you try to find out what you truly are and want to be with all the other external forces such as parental wishes,family expectations and societal views try to mold us. Its ok don’t worry. We all went through this phase so nothing new is happening to you. Just take a deep breath and calm down.

First of all you sit down with yourself and have a nice one-on-one talk with yourself (I don’t mean literally though. Because that’s impossible). Take some time off to think about your preferences, what you are good at and what interests you the most (warning: your interests may change over time so don’t panic when that happens). Then try to figure out how others see you, what they say about me, the weaknesses and strengths they have pointed out to you etc. Try to be as unbiased as possible and take an objective view when you analyze this. You should not be daunted by what others think but it doesn’t mean that you should completely be ignorant to what they say.

Take risks (but not reckless and negligent ones please) and explore you capabilities. Do something new. You never know you might turn out to be good at it. Learn from your mistakes. Learn from the mistakes of others. Don’t be afraid to ask about something that confuses you (it won’t make you look stupid) and ask for advice when you are unsure (but take advise from someone reliable. Not parallel peers who might be in the same boat as you are).

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